My research focuses on electoral behavior, ethnic minorities and migration policies. ​

Electoral Discrimination

In my dissertation “A Level Playing Field? Unpacking Electoral Discrimination Against Immigrant-Origin Candidates,”  I explore discrimination by voters against candidates with a migrant background. The cumulative thesis combines social psychological literature on in-group favoritism with political science theories on voting behavior and stereotypes. Methodologically, I mainly use observational data, survey experiments and natural quasi-experiments. Three articles of my dissertation have already been published in Political Behavior (co-authored with Nenad Stojanović), British Journal of Political Science (solo-authored), and Comparative Political Studies (co-authored with Nenad Stojanović). I continue working on further projects that explore different aspects of discrimination in elections.

Migration of Migration Policies

Currently, I am a postdoctoral researcher of the NCCR – on the move project “The Mobility of Migration Policies: Pathways and Consequences of the Diffusion of Migration Policies.” In the project, we explore the diffusion of migration policies at the international and subnational level. The first output from this project has appeared in Journal of European Public Policy.

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