Publications in peer-reviewed journals

Auer, Daniel, Lea Portmann, and Thomas Tichelbäcker. 2023. “Electoral Discrimination, Party Rationale, and the Under-Representation of Immigrant-Origin Politicians.” Forthcoming: American Journal of Political Science. [PDF].

Portmann, Lea. 2022. “What Makes a Successful Candidate? Political Experience and Low-Information Cues in Elections.” Winner of the 2018 NGC Best Paper Award. The Journal of Politics 84(4): 2049–2063. [PDF].

Portmann, Lea. 2022. “Why Do States Admit Refugees? A Comparative Analysis of Resettlement Policies in OECD Countries” (with Philipp Lutz). Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 48(11): 2515–2539. [PDF]. Covered by: ECPR The Loop.

Blatter, Joachim, Lea Portmann, and Frowin Rausis. 2022. “Theorizing Policy Diffusion: From a Patchy Set of Mechanisms to a Paradigmatic Typology.” Journal of European Public Policy 29(6): 805–825.

Portmann, Lea. 2022. “Do Stereotypes Explain Discrimination Against Minority Candidates or Discrimination in Favor of Majority Candidates?” British Journal of Political Science 52(2): 501–519. [PDF][Appendix]

Portmann, Lea, and Nenad Stojanović. 2022. “Are Immigrant-Origin Candidates Penalized in Virtue of Ingroup Favoritism or Outgroup Hostility?” Comparative Political Studies 55(1): 154–186. [PDF][Appendix]. Covered by (among others): ECPR The Loop, Neue Züricher Zeitung, Luzerner Zeitung, SWI

Portmann, Lea, and Nenad Stojanović. 2019. Electoral Discrimination Against Immigrant-Origin Candidates. Political Behavior 41(1): 105–134. Covered by: Blog Political Behavior, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, SWI

Working papers

“Learning in Policy Diffusion Processes. Experimental Evidence on Migration Policy Making.” Working paper.

“How Emotions Shape Policy Learning“ (with Moulay Lablih and Pirmin Bundi). Working paper.

“The Global Diffusion of Safe Country Policies: Disentangling the Mechanisms“ (with Joachim Blatter, Philipp Lutz, Frowin Rausis, Samuel D. Schmid, and Melyssa Piña Sigg). Working paper.

Other publications

Portmann, Lea. “Warum das SP-Frauenticket nicht diskriminierend ist.” Gastkommentar, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (16.11.2022).

Stojanović, Nenad and Lea Portmann. “Wahldiskriminierung von Kandidierenden mit Migrationshintergrund.” De Facto (7.2.2018).

Portmann, Lea and Nenad Stojanović. “’Nicht-Schweizer’ Namen im Bundesrat: Die Wahl von Cassis oder Maudet wäre präzedenzlos.” De Facto (12.9.2017).

Stojanović, Nenad and Lea Portmann. “Fussball und Demokratie. Spiegel des Volkes.” Gastkommentar, Neue Zürcher Zeitung (11.6.2016).

Brantschen, Stefan, Nathalie Faoro, Philipp Lutz, Lea Portmann , and Flurina Wäspi. Swiss Refugee Partnership: Eine neue Zulassungspolitik im Schweizer Asylwesen. foraus-Diskussionspapier Nr. 38 / Februar 2019.

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